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Save time, our software does the work for you. Configure the tools and let the magic happens.

Out platform combine marketing and lead generation

You can automate your marketing task and get information of b2b potential clients.

Unlimited access

Pay a monthly fee and can use all the tools unlimited. It is beneficial if you own a marketing agency, work in human resources, or want to business to get new opportunities every month.

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We have created tools that make it easy to find new prospects for your business. This is a great opportunity to grow your client' database.

What is included with your subscription?

More that 1000 companies trust in Captalead their marketing tasks and lead generation
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All marketing tools in one place, unlimited access

Find emails, enrich your database, send email campaigns, create chatbots, and more. Get more opportunities for your business, potential clients are out there waiting for great services.

Business growth

Captalead was designed to be a useful tool that help business to grow.

Online access

You don't need to install our software, you can access it online.

Unlimited users

You can share access with your partners, so you all can automatize your tasks.

One dashboard, all you need

Our platform is easy to use and you can automate all your marketing task. With a Chrome extension, our tool can interact with social media to get more leads.

Captalead is the marketing tool you were looking for

Easy to use

Using Captalead is simple, sign up, try out the tools for free and then, you can switch to PRO version in order to get full access to tools, unlimited.

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1How can I cancel my subscription? is there any obligation?
You can cancel your subscription any time. You can do it by accessing to your dashboard or by contacting our support via chat. You can unsubscribe and unsubscribe any time.
2Do you charge per users?
No, with your subscription you get unlimited users’ access. You get all tools and function for 99 dollars/month.
3Why is the price low?
We want to help business to grow and we believe that the best way to do it is by creating a product that is accessible.
4Is there any limit of use?
No, you get unlimited access.

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